Salted Egg Chicken with Rice 

serves 4
20-30 mins



• 400g of Chicken Breasts

• 2 tablespoon of Rice Flour

• 3 tablespoon of All Purpose Flour

• Oil (for frying the chicken)

• 30g of Anchor Butter

• 4 cloves of Garlic  

• 4 Chili

• 4 stems of Curry Leaves 

• 3 Salted Egg Yolks

• 5 tablespoon of Perfect Italiano Grated Parmesan Cheese





1. Cut chicken breast into small pieces.

2. Put rice flour and all purpose flour to the chicken and mix.  (No need to add water)

3. Fry the chicken until cooked then toss to reduce the oil.

4. In another pan, stir fry garlic, chilies and curry leaves with  butter.

5. Steam the salted egg until cooked. Then, separate the egg yolk and crush it.

6. Add the crushed salted egg yolk onto the fried chicken in a pan and mix well. Then add the Grated Parmesan and toss lightly.

TIPS : For softer texture, steam the salted eggs rather than boiling.