Introducing A Taste of Home



As a proudly homegrown Kiwi brand that’s sat on the kitchen benches and dining tables of our homes since 1886 - Anchor gives Kiwis the feeling, and taste, of home.


A home is created through the care, love and Kiwi spirit we bring to each other, and the experiences we share. Every scone baked, pav celebrated, and stories and meals shared, every hug given, joke told, and argument resolved, every holiday enjoyed and every person helped - gives us a feeling of home. 


Our latest ad celebrates the Kiwi tradition of a shared lunch, the story follows Dev who is worried about taking his Kalakand, a recipe for a traditional Indian dessert that has been passed down from his Nana, to his schools shared lunch because none of his friends would know what it was. 



Anchor's Kalakand Recipe


Kalakand is a traditional Indian milk-based dessert. Made with our Anchor Blue milk, it’s a delicious treat that the whole family will love.