Anchor is proud to be the headline sponsor of the Anchor AIMS Games, New Zealand’s premier sporting event for intermediate students. Each year 11, 12 and 13 year olds come from across the country and abroad to Tauranga where they compete against the best of their age in their chosen sport.

There are now 23 sporting codes available at the games and with the principle aim being to encourage students to keep active while celebrating fair play and enjoying success, the event continues to grow year on year.  The inclusion of non-traditional codes is part of the games success with 11,555 athletes registered to compete in 2019.  

Aims games

As of 2019, the event promotes milk and water as the only beverages to be sold or made available across the competition venues. This is in acknowledgement of the role that milk plays in hydration and recovery. Anchor is proud to be able to be part of helping athletes unleash their natural potential through sharing the goodness of dairy nutrition.


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