Anchor Bottle Cap Cup

Anchor Bottle Cap Cup: Making recycling a team sport

The Anchor Bottle Cap Cup challenges students to compete against other schools in a race to collect the most bottle caps.

The 2019 competition saw over half a million caps collected and returned to be repurposed into fence posts. This collective effort and incredible team spirit demonstrated throughout the competition, shows that recycling can become an exciting team challenge.

The schools who collected the most caps per student won awesome prizes that can be used by their students competing in the Anchor AIMS Games in September.

Winning school, Fairfield Intermediate, turned the competition into a school house challenge between students and even incentivised the teachers to get involved. But it was a full community effort that got them across the line, with local cafes, coffee carts and petrol stations all getting on board to support the school. With an impressive whopping 92,000 caps collected (that’s 101 caps per student!) they were the well-deserving winners of the Anchor Bottle Cap Cup trophy, not to mention of the brand-new 11-s Seater Minibus from LDV.

Silver Fern and Waikato BOP Magic netballer Sam Sinclair visited the school to celebrate the good news. Having competed at the Anchor AIMS Games herself in 2008, Sam was an inspiration to the Fairfield Intermediate athletes heading to Tauranga to compete in September.


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