Anchor CalciYum FAQS

1.      What flavours and size does Anchor CalciYum flavoured milk come in?

CalciYum comes in three different flavours in a 250ml format - Chocolate, Strawberry and Banana.

2.      Does Anchor CalciYum contain artificial colours or flavours?

No, CalciYum uses only natural colours and flavours

3.      Is Anchor CalciYum a good source of calcium?

Yes, Anchor CalciYum is a good source of dairy calcium, providing around a third of daily calcium requirements in one 250ml serving. However, calcium requirements do vary, depending on age and gender.

4.      Why does my child need calcium?

Calcium is important to help build strong bones and teeth when consumed as part of a healthy diet.

5.      Why have you changed the Anchor CalciYum flavoured milk recipe?

The Anchor CalciYum range has undergone a recipe reformulation in line with our support for the Healthy Kids Industry pledge to ensure children and their families have access to healthier food choices. The new recipe is lower in sugar, which aligns with our own internal Anchor nutrition guidelines, as well as meeting the reformulation target for flavoured milk set by the Heart Foundation. For more information, visit this page.

6.      What is the 30% less added sugar in reference to?

The 30% less added sugar is in reference to the difference in added sugar between the new Anchor CalciYum recipe and the old recipe. The new formula has at least 30% less added sugar across all 3 flavours.

7.      When reading a food label, how can I tell if the product has added sugar?

Added sugar refers to the sugar that is not naturally present. This is listed under sugars in the CalciYum nutrition information panel as sucrose. This is different to lactose which is naturally-occurring milk sugar.

Not all nutrition information panels call out added sugar, therefore you can also find it in the ingredients list. However, it is important to be aware that added sugar can be hidden in the ingredients list as it isn’t always called ‘sugar’ which is easy for us to spot. Other forms of added sugar may be seen in the ingredients list as fruit juice concentrates, coconut sugar or corn syrups to name a few.

8.      Does Anchor CalciYum contain Gluten?

Anchor CalciYum does not contain gluten-containing ingredients

9.      Is Anchor CalciYum flavoured milk okay if my child is lactose intolerant?

Lactose intolerance is a condition where people may be unable to tolerate significant quantities of lactose (the naturally occurring sugar in milk) as they have a shortage of the enzyme (lactase) which breaks the lactose down to digest it. The severity and symptoms of lactose intolerance may vary from person to person but many people may be able to consume some dairy products, such as hard cheese – which is naturally very low in lactose – and yoghurt – which contains live cultures which have already broken down some of the lactose.

Lactose is present in Anchor CalciYum flavoured milks, and therefore is not suitable for a lactose intolerant child

Lactose intolerance is different to cow’s milk allergy which is a severe and potentially life- threatening condition where all dairy products must be strictly avoided.

If you have questions about lactose intolerance or dairy/cow’s milk allergy, speak with a health professional for confirmation and advice specific to your child’s needs.

10.  What are the allergens in Anchor CalciYum flavoured milk?

The main allergen in Anchor CalciYum is milk. Anchor CalciYum contains no other ingredients that are required to be declared as common allergens; however, we recommend you read the ingredients list carefully and consult with a health professional if you have any concerns about a specific allergen. Click here to learn more about allergens in foods.

If you have any other questions or comments, please contact us on

11.  Is the packaging recyclable?

The packaging is not currently recyclable in New Zealand although a few councils do accept Tetra in kerbside recycling. Consumers should check with their local council to see if this packaging is accepted in their council recycling bin.

12.  Why does Anchor CalciYum contain plastic straws?

The CalciYum contains a straw due to the small packaging format that we run on the line. It is the most hygienic method for drinking from the pack.

13.  Where can you buy Anchor CalciYum?

Anchor CalciYum is available at supermarkets nationwide. If you are having problems finding Anchor CalciYum, please contact us or chat to us on Facebook.

14.  Does Anchor CalciYum contain protein?

Yes, Anchor CalciYum is a source of protein, with at least 8.0g of protein per serve.

Protein is important for normal growth and development in children, when consumed as part of a healthy diet.