Introducing Our Plant-Based Milk Bottle



We've added a new plant-based milk bottle to our Anchor Blue 2L range. The new bottle is made from sugarcane, which is natural, renewable and sustainably sourced and is a great alternative to traditional bottles made from non-renewable sources like fossil fuels. Because sugarcane absorbs CO2 from the atmosphere as it grows, the bottle has a low carbon footprint and is 100% kerbside recyclable.


Initially the new plant-based milk bottle will be available in Blue 2L and in the North Island only, with a view to expand nationwide based on consumer response. 




Sugarcane: A Sweet Solution


Sugarcane is natural, renewable, and sustainably sourced and is an alternative to bottles made from non-renewable sources like fossil fuels. In addition, sugarcane captures CO2 from the atmosphere as it grows, resulting in a bottle that also has a low carbon footprint. The sugarcane is made into plant-based HDPE plastic in Brazil and the bottle itself is made here in New Zealand. 


Brazil is one of the largest growers of sugarcane and was also the pioneer for the technology that processes sugarcane into ethanol and then into plastic. Our sugarcane-based HDPE supplier is a member of Bonsucro, and we are also now members of Bonsucro. 


Bonsucro is a global non-profit organisation founded in 2005 that exists to promote & certify sustainable sugarcane production, processing and trade around the world. Their mission is to ensure that responsible sugarcane production creates lasting value for the communities, businesses, economies and eco-systems in all cane-growing origins. 




From pasture to packaging, we're committed to sustainability.

We know sustainability is important to New Zealanders, and from pasture to packaging we’re committed to making our delicious milk sustainably. So that’s why we wanted to offer consumers an option to make change for good by purchasing a product that comes in more sustainable packaging, which is why we've added the plant-based Blue 2L milk bottle to our milk range.  


To help improve the recycling and circularity in New Zealand we have been actively working with councils and companies to come up with recycling solutions and collaborations some of these partners include Future Post, Astron and Paper4Trees.


Together with our farmers we’re working to reduce our footprint and are also committed to moving towards renewable energy in transport and manufacturing and finding ways to manage and reduce our emissions over the whole supply chain.


Partnering with Provenance 


Anchor is proud to be a brand you can trust - it’s important to us that we’re open and honest about what we’re doing through our sustainability initiatives. To verify our sustainability claims and help make this information more accessible to our consumers, each bottle will have a QR code, that when scanned will take you to the platform.  



Provenance are a market leader in promoting supply chain transparency.  Simply visit the link below where you can learn more about the story and facts behind our new plant-based bottle and broader sustainability story. 




Frequently Asked Questions

If you'd like to find out more about our new plant-based bottle please check out our Frequently Asked Questions. If you have any questions that we haven't answered please get in touch with us here.