AnchorSpreadable Processed Cream Cheese

140g, 240g, 500g, 900g

Spreadable processed cream cheese spread made from goodness of dairy with Calcium, Vitamins and Proteins.

Ingredients: Added Water, Non-Hydrogenated Palm Oil, Cheese ( Cow’s Milk , Salt , Microbial starter Culture , Microbial Rennet ) , Cow’s Milk Solids , Emulsifiers (E339, E452), Salt, Food Acids ( E330, E270), Preservatives (E202, E234)

Storage Instructions: Store in a cool and dry place between 4 C - 25 C. After opening keep refrigerated at 2 C to 4 C

Important Notice: Available only in Iraq



Contains Protein, Calcium and Vitamins


Contains Milk and Milk Ingredients

Nutrition information

Nutrients (NIP per 100g)

Energy 336 Kcal
Protein 10.3 g
Calcium 318 mg
Total Fat 31 g
Total Carbohydrates 3.7 g