AnchorSpreadable Processed Cream Cheese

500g , 900g

Spreadable processed cream cheese spread made from goodness of dairy with Calcium, Vitamins and Proteins.

Ingredients: Added Water, Non-Hydrogenated Palm Oil, Cheese ( Cow’s Milk , Salt , Microbial starter Culture , Microbial Rennet ) , Cow’s Milk Solids , Stabilizers ( E410 , E1450 ) , Emulsifiers ( E339 , E452 ), Food Acids (E330, E270 ) , Salt , Preservatives ( E202 , E234 )

Storage Instructions: Store in a cool and dry place between 4 C - 25 C. After opening keep refrigerated at 2 C to 4 C

Important Notice: Available only in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia



Contains Protein, Calcium and Vitamins


Contains Milk and Milk Ingredients

Nutrition information

Nutrients (NIP per 100g)

Energy 302 Kcal
Protein 7.2g
Calcium 217 mg
Total Fat 28g
Total Carbohydrates 6.38g