Anchor Light Proof bottle

On the journey to the supermarket shelf or dairy, milk bottles are exposed to light. Independent studies show light negatively impacts freshness and taste. That’s why we decided to develop the Light Proof™ milk bottle to keep your milk tasting fresh!

What happens when milk is exposed to light?

  • Milk is naturally high in Vitamin B2 (riboflavin), with one glass providing 25% of your Recommended Dietary Intake. Studies show that when Vitamin B2 is exposed to light it produces free-radicals which trigger oxidation of fat and protein in milk. Oxidised fat and protein tastes bad, you might call it bitter, old or off!
  • Fluorescent and LED lamps, often used in supermarket displays emit light that triggers the degradation of riboflavin. This light triggers the reactions that cause the off flavours. It is well documented that light is also known to damage flavour of other foods – this is why beer bottles are often brown!

What is the Anchor Light Proof TM bottle?

  • To ensure we are providing the freshest tasting milk, Anchor developed the light proof bottle to protect the milk while on its journey to you.
  • The Anchor Light ProofTM bottle was developed to block out 100% of visible light and protect the flavour of milk.
  • We found that light damage occurred to Anchor milk in clear bottles when it had continuous exposure to fluorescent light, which gave oxidised flavours.

Why buy Anchor Light Proof TM milk?

  • We surveyed 73,662 New Zealanders and 80% preferred the taste of light-protected milk over those in clear HDPE bottles.
  • You can taste light-struck milk in coffee as well! 7/10 baristas also preferred coffee made with Anchor light-protected milk compared to milk exposed to light for 24 hours.
  • For fresh tasting milk pick up a bottle of Anchor!