Milk standardisation

You might be wondering, ‘what is permeate’? Well… it’s milk.

The word “permeate” is a term used in the dairy industry for the parts of milk that pass through – or permeate – the filter when we standardise milk.

Standardising milk ensures we’ve got everything in the right quantities to keep milk consistent throughout the year. Milk that is not standardised – what some call ‘no added permeate’ – is more variable.

Kiwis have been enjoying the same great tasting Anchor milk for generations, that’s because our milk is the same day in and day out.

We don’t put marketing claims like ‘permeate-free’ on our packs – because they could be misleading or confusing. Permeate is simply the water, lactose and minerals naturally occurring in milk, so all milk contains permeate. The only thing that goes into Anchor milk is just that, milk. Nothing more, nothing less.

To help make things even clearer, we’ll be adding ‘standardised pasteurised milk’ to the labels of all the standardised products in the Anchor range. That way, when you pick up a bottle of Anchor milk, you’ll be absolutely clear about what’s inside.