Recycling – Uno pouches into chairs, luggage tags and pencil cases

Have you ever wondered whether your Anchor Uno yoghurt pouches could be recycled? The good news is, they sure can! Anchor Uno yoghurt pouches can be recycled and even upcycled into all sorts of things such as bags, lunch boxes, luggage tags, pencil cases, even park benches.

Anchor Uno is leading the way and has launched, in partnership with Terracycle, New Zealand’s first recycling programme for yoghurt pouches.

Lovers of Anchor Uno pouches throughout New Zealand can collect Anchor Uno yoghurt pouches, or any other food pouches, and send them to Terracycle at no cost.

The Fonterra Pouch Brigade is a free programme that allows any individual or organisation to collect and return used pouches for recycling or upcycling. For every pouch returned, you will be raising money to donate to a local community group or charity of your choice and Terracycle will recycle and upcycle all packaging collected into cool new products.

To start recycling your Anchor Uno pouches make sure you visit to sign up or visit the Anchor Uno page for more details