Recycling – Light Proof bottle into recycled polymer

Ever wondered what might happen to the Anchor Light Proof™ bottle when it ends up in your recycling bin? Well, the bottles processed by Astron Sustainability are washed, ground, filtered and re-extruded into a product called ‘recycled polymer’ which can then be used by all sorts of people for all sorts of products.  Astron Sustainability has this down to a fine art.

The Anchor Light Proof™ recycled HDPE* polymer  produced by Astron is currently being used to make plastic packaging and materials handling products like recycling crates for Paper4trees, storage bins and slip sheets.  It’s also used for Laylite culvert pipes on dairy farms.

One 25kg bag of recycled polymer is made up of 580 two-litre bottles.  That’s a lot of delicious fresh Anchor milk in a lot of breakfast bowls and flat whites up and down the country!

Astron has saved tonnes of virgin material being used by recycling the Anchor Light Proof™ bottle. That’s great news. It’s all about working together, day to day, to do our bit for the environment.

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*HDPE stands for High Density Polyethlene.