Our Recycling programme - Join our Recycling Moo-vement

Anchor is committed to playing its part in looking after our environment.

This includes getting behind recycling programmes that not only reduce waste, but also reduce the amount of resources needed to create new products. We work hard to ensure that all packaging, including our Anchor Light Proof bottles, delivers the highest quality product but is also recyclable. We’ve started a ‘Moo-vement’ to make sure that everyone in the Anchor team can do their bit, and we’d like to invite you to join us.

The Anchor Recycling Moo-vement is a hub for a whole lot of great projects. It’s where we develop recycled product ideas and community partnerships. One of the examples we’re most proud of is how our Anchor Light Proof™ bottles are reused to make all sorts of products like recycling crates, shampoo bottles, and even building products like culvert pipes which are then used on our dairy farms. That’s what we call ‘closing the loop’!

To help us spread our message even further, we’re working with people like Keep New Zealand Beautiful and Paper4trees to get more Kiwis recycling.

There’s all sorts of interesting stuff happening. Check out a few of the projects below to see what Anchor bottles have been recycled into, and go to the Anchor NZ page on Facebook™ for the latest Anchor Recycling Moo-vement updates.