Recycling - Light Proof bottle into Crates

What happens when you add Fonterra recycling crates, Kiwi schools, paper and cardboard, and native trees? The Paper4trees programme of course!

Anchor is a proud partner of the Paper4trees programme. As part of our partnership, Anchor contributes 1150 crates annually to schools New Zealand wide. These crates are then used to separate cardboard and paper in schools throughout the country, totalling more than 3000 crates to date.

The 45L grey recycling crates are made from 100% recycled Anchor Lightproof™ bottles  and the carrying trays they come in.

Schools submit crate recycling volumes at the end of each term so Paper4trees know how much paper and cardboard they’ve recycled each year. Schools are rewarded for their efforts they make and receive donations of eco-sourced native trees for them to plant in their school grounds. That’s a lot of crates diverting a lot of paper and cardboard from landfill and a lot of trees that get planted.

Connecting the dots like this for us not only makes a whole lot of sense, but it makes a big difference too.