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Anchor CalciYum

Anchor CalciYum Wicked Chocolate Flavour

Filled with natural dairy goodness and no artificial colours or flavours, Anchor™ CalciYum makes it nutritious and delicious. In fact, a single serve provides 38% of a kid’s daily calcium needs*.

Cheese & Culinary

Anchor Cottage Cheese Original

Anchor Cottage Cheese Original is a flavoursome way to add extra oomph to your favourite salads and savouries.

Cheese & Culinary

Anchor Cream Cheese Original

Anchor Cream Cheese Original is a smooth mix of fresh cream and milk. Velvety and versatile, it’s ideal in both savoury and sweet kitchen creations – and perfectly delicious on its own as a simple spread.

Cheese & Culinary

Anchor Edam Cheese Slices

With its mild and creamy savoury taste, Anchor Edam Processed Cheese Slices make an excellent addition to any sandwich.

Powders & UHT

Anchor Family Milk Plain

Did you know that Whole Milk is considered a complete source of nutrition? That’s true! Whole Milk provides nearly every protein, mineral, and vitamin that every family needs. With Anchor Family Milk, you can always be sure that your loved ones get 100% natural dairy nutrition in every glass of milk you mix up. It has no vegetable oil, giving you more protein and calcium in every drop. Share Whole Milk goodness with the whole family today!

Butter and Spreads

Anchor Family Spread

From the green pastures of New Zealand comes Anchor Butter, made of only the freshest cream from our pasture fed cows.



Anchor Full Cream Milk

Anchor Full Cream Milk is an ultra heat-treated milk with an extra-long shelf life.


Anchor Lite Milk

Anchor Lite Milk is an ultra heat-treated milk with an extra-long shelf life. Our low fat milk may help aid in weight loss, together with a healthy diet & exercise.

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