New Zealand Goodness Since 1886

Why does Anchor taste so good?  Because it's all about New Zealand Goodness.

From golden sunshine beaming across lush green pastures and grass-fed cows that are treated with care, comes quality New Zealand milk that is crafted into delicious dairy products.

Enjoy New Zealand goodness from Anchor, proudly New Zealand's No 1. dairy brand.* 

Did you know?

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* NielsenIQ Scantrack, New Zealand Total Supermarket Dairy Sales, Value Share MAT to  07-05-23

^Grass is defined as grass, grass silage, hay and forage crops
The Fonterra New Zealand Grass-Fed Standard requires our cows to be 80% grass fed on a dry matter basis and spend 90%+ of non-milking time grazing outdoors at a minimum. 
Our cows are 96% grass fed (on an ‘as consumed’ basis on a rolling three-year average – this is equivalent to 89% on a dry weight basis) and spend 97% of non-milking time outdoors.
The Fonterra New Zealand Grass and Pasture Fed Standard is independently certified by AsureQuality. AsureQuality is an independent Conformity Assessment Body accredited by JAS-ANZ
#Of the top 15 dairy exporting countries (based on annual dairy product export volumes in 2023 and including New Zealand), only Ireland operates a similar pasture-based model to New Zealand.  
Based on Irish data presented in O’Brien et al. 2018, dairy cows in Ireland have access to pasture, on average, 255 days per year.  In New Zealand, data from Fonterra Farm Dairy Records show that our Fonterra New Zealand cows spend, on average, 97% of their non-milking time outside on pasture which is more than 350 days of a year. This is calculated annually and reported as a rolling three-year average.