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5 Reasons why you should have a healthy breakfast

Breakfast is often considered the most important meal of the day, but sometimes it’s hard to fit a healthy breakfast into a rushed morning.

Nutrition & health

10 Dec 2021

1 min read

Anchor Butter Chicken

Who knew you could pack a protein punch into a pizza base? Crafted with our Anchor Protein+ Yoghurt and a few other goodies - this pizza is one to love and to be enjoyed on a Friday night outside or tucked up inside with a movie.



Anchor Cheese Pinwheel


Anchor Family Milk Plain

Did you know that Whole Milk is considered a complete source of nutrition? That’s true! Whole Milk provides nearly every protein, mineral, and vitamin that every family needs. With Anchor Family Milk, you can always be sure that your loved ones get 100% natural dairy nutrition in every glass of milk you mix up. It has no vegetable oil, giving you more protein and calcium in every drop. Share Whole Milk goodness with the whole family today!

Anchor Family Spread

From the green pastures of New Zealand comes Anchor Butter, made of only the freshest cream from our pasture fed cows.


Anchor Feijoa & Apple Overnight Oats

This is such a simple and delicious breakfast. It takes just a little prep the night before, with the oats soaking overnight in our Anchor Milk until softened. Then in the morning just top them with our Anchor Protein + Yoghurt, sprinkle over some toasted nuts and you have the perfect start to your day.






Anchor Full Cream Milk

Anchor Full Cream Milk has the goodness of 100% Whole Milk, giving that rich and creamy taste. It’s high in protein and calcium, and fortified with Vitamin A, C, D & Iron which means that every drop feeds your kid’s greatness and development Give your growing family Whole Milk goodness and stir up a glass of Anchor Full Cream Milk today!

Anchor Full Cream UHT Milk

Anchor UHT Blue Lite Longlife milk provides the goodness of milk with the versatility of being ready when you need it.

Long Life Milk (UHT)

Anchor Low Fat UHT Milk

Anchor UHT Milk is sourced exclusively from grass-fed cows in the green pastures of New Zealand, bringing pure and natural goodness to families for over 125 years.

Long Life Milk (UHT)

Anchor Probiotic+ Yoghurt supports your inner wellbeing and gut health

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