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Source from New Zealand Farms

We source our Anchor Milk from world class farms right here in New Zealand. From grass to glass, we take great care to protect the natural goodness of our Anchor milk – helping us to continue to produce high quality, nutrient rich milk, delivered to your local, fresh, everyday.

Our milk is produced by cows that spend over 350 days a year on pasture, which is more than anywhere else in the world. Being able to wander round, and graze freely means the cows are in an ideal environment to produce milk that typically contains higher levels of vitamin D, and golden butter due to the naturally high beta-carotene content. ​


The New Zealand farmer families that supply our milk are committed to strict standards of quality control and undertake annual on farm and environmental assessment to ensure a world-class standard of excellence. Fonterra has also implemented world class practices throughout the supply chain and undertake more than 6 million quality tests every year to ensure our products maintain a high food quality and safety standard.
Knowing where our milk is sourced from is incredibly important to us. Utilising full electronic traceability, we are committed to tracing the goodness in every drop of milk we process, at every step. This means being able to trace all the ingredients and sources of milk in every batch of product at every stage throughout our supply chain.
It's the care taken at every step, from grass to glass that has helped us here at Anchor to produce high quality, nutrient rich dairy products for over 135 years.
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