Alt Central 1950


Henry Reynolds opens a butter factory in Waikato.

Inspired by the tattoo on a sailor’s arm, Reynolds chooses the anchor as his brand mark – symbolising safe arrival and reliability. The Anchor brand is born
Alt Central 1950


Anchor wins gold at the Melbourne Centennial Exhibition.


Reynolds sells Anchor to the New Zealand Dairy Association. This includes eight factories across Waikato, Bay of Plenty, and Taranaki producing 300 tonnes of butter.

Alt Central 1990


Anchor registers its trademark.


Production of Anchor milk powder begins in Makino.

Alt Central 1990


Daily Mail runs a front page story about New Zealand butter, the “finest butter obtainable” that comes from grass-fed cows and produced under strict government supervision.


New Zealand Dairy Association amalgamates with Waikato Co-operative Dairy Company to form New Zealand Co-operative Dairy Company, giving farmers the power to take New Zealand’s dairy products to the world.

Alt Central 2010


The Breakthrough Years of Export

Up to 90% of New Zealand’s dairy exports go to the UK, where Anchor is the best-selling butter.

Anchor is known for brand slogans such as “the leading brand of the choicest butter from the loveliest dairy pastures in the world” and “fresh as a sea breeze, pure as the sunshine”.

Alt Central 2010


The Dairy Research Institute of New Zealand is founded to pioneer use of technology and champion advances in dairy production. This later becomes the Fonterra Research and Development Centre.

Alt Central Present


Rationing in UK

Branded products are removed from shelves due to the war. With exports dropping drastically, Anchor diversifies and expands its product range to include cheese.


In New Zealand, new technology extends shelf life of Anhydrous Milk Fat, making it possible for cream - based foods to be shipped to troops on the other side of the globe.

Alt Central Present


Iconic milk tankers debut at farms across New Zealand for fresh milk collection.


Rationing ends in the UK and Anchor products return to its shelves. 

Alt Central 1880


The world’s first soft spreadable butter is developed by the Dairy Research Institute of New Zealand. 

Alt Central 1880


Anchor widens global reach with exports to Asia and launches in Sri Lanka two years later.

Alt Central 1970


Anchor’s ground breaking innovation UHT cream in aerosol cans takes the industry and market by storm.

Alt Central 1970


With deregulation of town milk, the distribution of glass milk bottles is discontinued. This also marks the arrival of Anchor milk.

Alt Central 1980


Fonterra Co-Operative Group Limited is established following the merger of Kiwi Co-Operative Dairies with New Zealand Dairy Group. Owned by 10,500 farmers, it is now the country’s largest company.


Fonterra and Sanitarium partnered in February 2009 to provide a free school breakfast of Anchor milk and Sanitarium Weet-Bix to decile 1 to 4 schools twice a week. The NZ Government joined us as a partner in May 2013 which enabled the programme to be extended to every school day and include all schools decile 1 to 10.

KickStart Breakfast currently provides the goodness of Weetbix and Anchor milk to over 950 breakfast clubs around the country.

Alt Central 1980


Anchor launches in China, one of the largest dairy markets in the world.


The Light Proof™ milk bottle hits the shelves.

Anchor Milk now keeps fresh-tasting longer.

Kids drinking packet milk
Milk for school package