Anchor Probiotic+ Yoghurt supports your inner wellbeing and gut health


Anchor Probiotic+ is a Greek yoghurt with probiotics combined with the goodness of fibre and calcium to support digestive and gut health*

Reasons to choose Anchor Probiotic+ Yoghurt:

  • 10 billion of BB12™ probiotics in every serve
  • Source of fibre
  • Good source of calcium
  • Good source of protein
  • Contains vitamins A & D
  • Low fat

Life can get hectic, but the good news is that getting back on track is easier than you think. Wellness starts inside and we believe Anchor Probiotic+ yoghurt is a simple way to support your inner wellbeing journey.

Yoghurts that are merely labelled ‘probiotic’ won’t necessarily do the job. Anchor Probiotic+ contains BB12™. BB12™ is a simple name for a specific strain of probiotic cultures scientifically called Bifidobacterium animalis subspecies lactis BB12™. It is a probiotic strain discovered by Chr. Hansen. At Anchor, we know that 10 billion BB12TM probiotics will be present in every serve of Anchor Probiotic+ yoghurt as we carry out shelf-life testing on our product.

Anchor Probiotic+ contains inulin, a type of prebiotic dietary fibre, which feeds the good bacteria in the gut. Digestive enzymes are responsible for helping to break down food into smaller pieces your body can use as fuel. Calcium plays an important role in digestion by supporting the function of digestive enzymes, such as lipase to ensure they can operate at full capacity. The calcium in Anchor Probiotic+ helps to keep your digestives enzymes performing at their best.

Anchor Probiotic+ yoghurt is fortified with vitamins A and D, so each 125 g serve contains 8% of your recommended dietary intake per day. Vitamin A & D are fat-soluble vitamins that support the normal functioning of the immune system^. Vitamin A is also essential for normal vision^, while Vitamin D supports healthy bones and teeth*.

Anchor Probiotic+ comes in a range of delicious flavours and pack sizes to make it easy for you to support your inner wellbeing. Anchor Probiotic+ yoghurt is perfect to enjoy on its own, with fresh fruit, or over your favourite cereal. And while one serve a day will help support your digestive and gut health*, we’ve made it delicious too.

*The fibre in Anchor Probiotic+ helps keep you regular, calcium supports digestive enzyme function, and BB12TM probiotic supports gut health by improving digestive regularity when consumed as part of a healthy diet.

BB-12 is a trademark of Che. Hansen A/S.