From Moo 2 Shampoo

Our Anchor Light Proof bottles aren't just for storing milk. Together with SKYCITY we are reusing them to produce shampoo, conditioner and other amenity packaging within the exclusive SKYCITY Puriri amenity range!  

We've partnered with  SKYCITY to form a product stewardship initiative to ‘close the loop’.

Anchor light proof bottles used at SKYCITY'S Sky Cafe in Auckland are recycled into Puriri amenity bottles for use in the SKYCITY Grand and SKYCITY hotels.

Yes, you can have your latte in the morning and wash your hair at night with shampoo packaged in a bottle made from a milk bottle recycled at the very same hotel!

So how does it work? Empty light proof bottles are collected by one of our milkmen so that the bottles can be delivered to Auckland based plastic recyclers, Astron Sustainability. Here the Anchor Light Proof bottles are ground down to plastic beads and sent to the kiwi owned packaging company, HealthPak to manufacture the Puriri bottles.

This initiative has saved the use of 1,000kg of virgin plastic a year which was previously used to develop the Puriri range.

Trials are currently being run to extract the excess product out of used Puriri bottles to recycle the bottles and hopefully give them yet another glorious life at SKYCITY.