In New Zealand, we farm the way nature intended, with our cows naturally grazing on pasture. Grass is a natural food source for cows, and New Zealand is one of the few places in the world where cows can graze on grass, year round.

Our Fonterra New Zealand cows consume on average 85 percent of their diet as grass, however the minimum amount of grass in the diet of dairy cows across the Fonterra New Zealand milk pool is 80% as defined in the standard Grass/pasture is classified as grass, grass silage, hay and forage crops.

The standard also has a minimum requirement that cows supplying the Fonterra milk pool spend at least 90 percent of their time outside on pasture.

The Fonterra Grass and Pasture Fed standard assesses and verifies the farming practises across all Fonterra New Zealand farms, focussing on use of supplementary feed and cows’ ability to have access to pasture.

Products carrying the Certified Grass Fed claim have been certified by AsureQuality, an independent Conformity Assessment Body. AsureQuality is accredited by JAS-ANZ to certify against requirements of the Fonterra Grass and Pasture Fed Standard.