Strawberry Santas  

Make these fun Santa strawberries with whipped cream and melted chocolate. The kids will love them!


25 mins serves 12


1 cup Anchor Cream

¼ cup Whittaker’s Dark Chocolate, melted

12 fresh strawberries


Piping bag

Eye dropper



  1. In a standalone mixer or bowl whip cream until soft peaks form.

  2. De hull strawberries then cut the tips off.

  3. Pop whipped cream in piping bag.

  4. Cover a plate with baking paper. Use an eyedropper to make chocolate eyes then leave to set (you can pop them in the freezer).

  5. Place the bottom half of the strawberries on a plate, pipe a dollop of cream on, then top with strawberry tip. Add cream buttons then place chocolate eyes on. Repeat with all strawberries. Dollop cream for pom poms then serve.