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Tips on the perfect grazing platter

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perfect grazing platter
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Tips on the perfect grazing platter
Or Instagrammable grazing platter
1) Choose and theme

Be it rustic, contemporary, playful or formal, decide on the look you want and get creating from there. If it’s rustic, you may want a big old wooden board or formal you may want a big marble slab. Add fresh herbs, blooms and foliage to add texture and match your chosen theme.

2) Overcrowding is key

To achieve a delicious abundant look, ensure your platter is overflowing with goodness with no absolutely no gaps. The key is to overfill every single gap with something delicious so no board is showing through. As well as larger cheeses, dips, crackers and bread you’ll need lots of smaller morsels like berries, nuts and salad greens. 

3) Flavours for everyone

Among the overcrowding you’ll need to think about balancing your flavours. A tasty platter has a mix of salty, sweet, acidic and spicy. For salty, use plenty of cured meats like prosciutto and salami, cheeses like edam, smoked cheddar, and feta as well as juicy olives. Also spreads like (add link to recipes) our Pistachio, Garlic & Thyme Cream Cheese Ball and Tahini & Sumac Dip with Pomegranate are a great addition. For sweet, a combination of berries, stone fruits, dried fruits, cherry tomatoes and fig chutney. For acidic, plenty of pickles, kimchi and artichoke hearts. For spicy, chorizo and charred red peppers.

4) Colours for everyone

We all eat with our eyes. As well as salty, sweet, acidic and spicy, using a variety of vibrant colours will help create your visual masterpiece. Select an abundance of fresh vegetables and fruit and scatter across your platter amongst greenery and blooms to add texture.

5) It’s all about layout

Consider symmetry and size when laying out your platter. It works best if everything is a bite-sized morsel making it easier for guests to graze. Rather than placing groups of a single item, it’s best to effortlessly spread ingredients around evenly and at varying heights. This all adds to the abundant look and means guests can easily reach the deliciousness from any part of the table.

Most importantly, dig in and enjoy with friends and family!